Milk Tea Kits

What is Milk Bubble Tea?

Milk Bubble Teas originated in Taiwan in the 1980s and later took the rest of Asia and the West by storm. Made with a milk base (classically made with dairy milk), milk bubble teas were based on simpler, Asian milk teas which were just milk and tea mixed together. As bubble tea culture developed over the decades and expanded all over the world, milk bubble teas can now be found in myriad delicious and fruity flavours, including Taro, Honeydew, Strawberry and Matcha.

Milk Bubble Tea Kits, Delivered.

Choose from over 10 unique milk tea flavours, or mix n’ match your ‘flavour’ites’, or have a monthly box of 4 curated flavours delivered to your door. Our specially-curated, Milk Tea Kits come included with all the ingredients required to brew authentic fruit bubble tea, whenever, wherever. And because you’re in control, you get to customise your own bubble tea to your own liking.

Jason & Lena’s ‘Flavour’rites’

Our absolute ‘flavour’ite milk teas include Taro Milk Tea and Brown Sugar Milk Tea with extra QQ (i.e. squishy) boa pearls. Our go-to milk tea spots in Taiwan include 陳三鼎 (Chen San Ding) in the 公馆 (GongGuan) district of Taipei (near National Taiwan University, and Tiger Sugar Milk Tea in the 信義 (Xinyi) district of Taipei (near Taipei 101).

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