Fruit Tea Kits

What is Fruit Bubble Tea?

If milk or dairy aren’t your cup of tea (pardon the pun), you’re probably more of a fruit tea kinda person. Popular for their freshness and lightness (especially with half ice on a summer’s day), fruit teas use fruits and fruit syrups as their main ingredient instead of milk and go great with fruity toppings such as Jellies, Popping Pearls, and Aloe Vera for delicious combinations of fruit flavours.

Fruit Bubble Tea Kits, Delivered.

Choose from 20 unique fruit flavours, or mix n’ match your ‘flavour’ites’, or have a monthly box of 4 curated flavours delivered to your door. Our specially-curated, vegan-friendly Fruit Tea Kits come included with all the ingredients required to brew authentic fruit bubble tea, whenever, wherever. And because you’re in control, you get to customise your own bubble tea to your own liking.

Each hand-packed fruit tea kit comes with:

  1. Fruit Tea Syrup (with real fruit juices, pulps and seeds);
  2. Luxury Single-Origin Pyramid Tea Bags; and
  3. Fructose Sweetener

Jason & Lena’s ‘Flavour’rites’

When we visit Taiwan during Summer, we would order our ‘flavour’ite’ fruit bubble teas (with heapings of ice) plus Rainbow Jelly and Aloe Vera every. single. day. Peach, Mango and Lychee fruit teas are our go-to’s, but we like Lemon & Kumquat, Grape and Strawberry when we’re feelin’ extra fruity.

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