Crumble-free, powder-free - guaranteed

Don't settle for less

Our tapioca pearls are premium quality with that classic bubble tea fragrance - plus they are crumble-free, powder-free and extra squishy. Guaranteed.

Why are our Tapioca Pearls the best?


Our tapioca pearls do not crumble at the slightest touch (let alone after being knocked about in a box in the mail). That means it won't arrive at your doorstep half disintegrated making you question whether you ordered tapioca flour instead 😅

Extra Large!

What's better than large tapioca pearls? Extra large tapioca pearls! Our pearls are the largest in Australia while still perfectly sippable through your bubble tea straws.

Oh So Squishy

Our signature tapioca pearls are unique for their addictive squishy squishy squishiness. Don't like it so squishy and chewy? Just boil it for a couple minutes less!

Ready to eat in 3 steps!

  1. Soak
  2. Boil
  3. Chew

No stirring necessary. How easy is that?

Check out the tapioca pearl recipe!



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      Sick and tired of: crumbly, powdery tapioca pearls?

      Life’s too short to get crumbled, powdered tapioca pearls in the mail.

      Taste quality with our crumble-free, extra large & chewy pearls. 

      Boil – Sip – Chew. No stirring necessary.